Do You Need AWS for Snowflake Data Warehouse?

Do you have a dynamic system that only runs in the cloud? If so, you may be wondering if you need Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Snowflake, a cloud data warehouse built on the AWS cloud infrastructure. The answer is yes, Snowflake is a true SaaS offering and requires no hardware or software installation, configuration, or management. AWS is committed to providing maximum security for its users, and Snowflake takes an irregular approach to security. Snowflake on AWS offers a powerful combination of an SQL data warehouse built on SaaS that can manage diverse data sets in a single native system.

If your company has massive workloads with structured and semi-structured data and a large query workload using other AWS services, Amazon Redshift is the better choice. Cloud computing and data services such as AWS and SaaS-based data storage are used by companies to store data efficiently, minimize costs and human capital production, and provide business information in real time. It also allows users to query the data in multiple clusters and databases or even in multiple AWS accounts without having to copy the data.