Is Snowflake the Same as AWS? A Comprehensive Comparison

Snowflake is an AWS partner that offers software solutions and has gained expertise in data analysis, machine learning, and retail.


provides data security using Amazon S3 policy controls, Azure SAS tokens, SSO, and access permissions to Google Cloud Storage. It allows you to scale your storage based on your storage needs. Therefore, a data warehouse in the shape of a snowflake will enable you to enjoy the scalability, security of your data, and many other benefits.Petco increased its ability to scale and have concurrent users after a successful migration to Snowflake on AWS, while remaining cost-effective, reliable, and secure.

To make an informed decision about which platform is the most suitable for your individual use case, you need to compare Snowflake and AWS and Azure. Redshift charges per hour and per node, while Snowflake charges per warehouse and usage pattern. With its cloud-oriented architecture, Snowflake is compatible with many different cloud platforms, including AWS.However, Snowflake does not have the same integration functions as other platforms, which can make it difficult to use with some of the tools mentioned above such as Kinesis, Glue, Athens, etc. The relationship between Snowflake and AWS began to change when they developed a joint strategy together and focused on joint customer use cases, particularly around the migration of large local customers and their data-oriented workloads to AWS using Snowflake.

According to Farrall, this reach has become commonplace in the last six months to a year; Deloitte, AWS, and Snowflake now have a joint marketing initiative with a dozen customers prioritized in cases where such an architecture exists. Snowflake also offers a set of high-level security features including access control by IP address, authentication of accounts and users using multifactor authentication (MFA), object security control, automatically encrypted data security, and compliance validations that comply with several compliance laws.ARC eliminated problems related to local data storage by migrating different workloads to Snowflake - the leading cloud data platform - with the help of Slalom. It is important to note that in the Snowflake data warehouse processing and storage are completely separate; the cost of storage is the same as that of storing the data in AWS S3.On this page you can read about joint customer references with Snowflake and AWS; Snowflake and Data Lake use cases; Snowflake AWS Marketplace listings; Snowflake AWS Marketplace integration; Snowflake integration with Sagemaker; announcements about retail competition; Privatelink; AppFlow; and get ongoing training with virtual hands-on labs.Redshift is much more established compared to Snowflake and would make the entire data transition much easier if you're already working with AWS. To strengthen their marketing partnership, Snowflake invested heavily in technical integrations with AWS including integrations with AWS Lambda - a serverless event-based computing service - and AWS PrivateLink - which allows customers to privately access AWS services without using public IPs.If you're using Amazon Redshift or Snowflake as your %26 data warehouse analytics platform and are looking for an easy alternative to manual data integration, Hevo can automate it effortlessly.