What Do You Need to Learn Snowflake?

If you're looking to learn Snowflake from scratch, you'll need a few things. First, you'll need a database, a table, and a virtual store to load and query data. To create these Snowflake objects, you'll need a Snowflake user with the necessary access control permissions. Additionally, you'll need SnowSQL to execute the SQL statements in the tutorial.The Snowflake documentation is an invaluable resource for those looking to learn the platform.

It provides conceptual descriptions, tutorials, and a detailed reference to all compatible SQL commands, operations, and functions. These free, short modules allow for quick learning about a variety of important Snowflake features.If you're looking for more in-depth instruction, Snowflake Education Services offers instructor-led classes, on-demand courses, and self-directed learning to help you and your team excel and make your data initiatives materialize. In this video lesson, Prashant Pandey from Learning Journal discusses Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse and the basics of Snowflake. He covers the separation of storage and computing techniques as well as storage architecture (how tables in storage databases are stored and accessed when running SQL).